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    Our autonomous transport vehicle

    Heavy loads are regularly transported in industrial halls and on factory premises. On transport routes between individual work steps or on the way to the storage area, companies rely on optimal transportation with low space utilization. With our move-e-star, we have developed an autonomous industrial vehicle that handles these work processes safely and efficiently. With our flat and manoeuvrable special vehicle, which is available with automated and manual control, we are building a bridge to a profitable and innovative optimization of your intralogistics. As an autonomous low-floor vehicle, the move-e-star impresses with its exceptionally high mobility and the ability to pick up, transport and set down goods and loads independently. The transport vehicle, which was developed and built entirely in-house, impresses with its efficient drive system, which simultaneously performs steering, locomotion and lifting functions. This shows the full potential of the move-e-star in the smallest of spaces. In addition, several vehicles can be coupled and moved as one unit, so that a larger loading area with a higher load capacity is available. On request, we can create an interface to your ERP system, your machines and crane systems. This means that any challenge can be overcome.

    Efficient transportation through

    Agile helpers

    In addition to the safe and hazard-free movement of heavy loads and large goods, the move-e-star impresses in other areas:

    • Payload up to 200 tons
    • Excellent maneuverability
    • Area mobility
    • Innovative drive system
    • Independent wheel suspension
    • Own lifting system
    • Units can be coupled
    • Variable shape & platform

    Strong together

    Modular design

    Special solutions are required to move heavy loads in narrow aisles and confined spaces. The modular axle concept of the move-e-star provides the basis for a wide range of design options. In addition, the wheel size and number of axles of the transport vehicle can be adapted to the application and load capacity.We generally offer the following basic layouts:

    • Compact
    • Flat
    • Extra large
    • Variable

    Depending on your requirements, the move-e-star can be individually adapted to your needs: A wide variety of superstructures and specific shapes are no challenge for the in-plant helper and ensure maximum adaptability. The ability to couple several vehicles increases the flexibility of the system.

    What's inside

    Technical functionality

    With an excellent ratio between vehicle size and load capacity, the move-e-star sets new standards. The drive axles, in which the travel drive, steering and lifting system are integrated, form the basis. The transport platform can of course be equipped according to the individual requirements of your company and the shape of the helper for internal logistics can also be adapted from square or round to U-shaped or L-shaped to an individual shape. The software developed in-house for the vehicles and the control system allows individual adaptation to your requirements. The know-how carriers of this software are part of our company and enable a fast and reliable service. Over the last decade, extensive developments have perfected the move-e-star so that many additional expansion stages and software modules are available. For example, integration into a logistics chain or the automatic storage and retrieval of goods, including data management, can be implemented effortlessly. Regardless of what we have achieved, we are highly motivated to work on further developments. We maintain close cooperation with universities and research institutes.

    It's all about efficiency

    Automation & Integration

    With the move-e-star, you can use a range of operating and control options that are tailored to your needs. In general, we differentiate between the following expansion stages within the scope of automation, which are then adapted or introduced according to the respective requirements:

    • Manual operation
    • Semi-automatic operation
    • Full integration with PPS/ERP connection

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    Video archive

    The AGV system for efficient material flow

    It is often necessary to implement specific requirements when transporting goods or loads. The move-e-star shown here, for example, has a customer-specific application for transporting various panels.

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    move-e-star load test with heavyweights

    As part of a FAT, the ability to pick up and move goods with the transport racks provided for this purpose must often also be demonstrated. Here is a move-e-star that can move up to 60 tons. A matter of course for us.

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    The move-e-star is the platform that ensures the mobility of a variety of superstructures. In the basic application, the move-e-star transports goods, production parts, production machines or similar on its loading platform. The loads can be highly customized. One customer needed to transport goods with different surface qualities. HIT designed the move-e-star's load support to be interchangeable for two surface qualities at the touch of a button and without additional assembly work.

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    The move-e-star moves effortlessly in any direction. It can also be rotated around any vertical axis outside the move-e-star. This omnidirectional mobility, also known as surface mobility, is otherwise only achieved by air cushion transportation systems. Unlike these, however, the move-e-star can cope with the rough floors encountered in production. Customers appreciate the high driving and positioning accuracy of the area mobility. This frees up valuable space on expensive production areas for applications other than transportation.

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    Picking up and setting down loads as well as positioning at or on handling machines must be carried out with a high degree of accuracy and uniformity in order to ensure that the process continues quickly without the need for readjustments. Even when transporting production equipment from one point of use to the next, it should be set down precisely at the processing station. This also eliminates time-consuming set-up times. This is where the area mobility of the move-e-star, which sets down the transported load with pinpoint accuracy, proves its worth.

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    In a typical production process, loads are often moved in narrowly defined weight ranges or dimensions. To a lesser extent, however, significantly heavier or larger loads also have to be transported. This is where the move-e-star's ability to couple two or more units and then move as one unit proves its worth. The user does not have to buy and keep a small and a large transport unit. By linking the modular move-e-stars, he can create the "large" move-e-star himself if required and use the units as individual platforms again after transportation.

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    Lifting and setting down loads

    The chassis of the move-e-star already has an integrated lifting system. Loads are driven under, picked up, transported and set down again. The move-e-star is then ready for the next task. The customer benefit is obvious: the move-e-star has a low body height, as a separate device for lifting the load is not necessary. In addition, the complexity of the platform is reduced and fewer parts need to be maintained and replaced if necessary. The move-e-star is a transport platform from a single source that is optimally adapted to its functionality.

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    Automatic mode

    Industry 4.0: Not only the production goods, but also the means of production are becoming mobile. The route of the production goods varies from one piece to another. The means of production are now also used at one point in the plant, but must be available at another point shortly afterwards. This can only be achieved if goods and production equipment find their way to the respective processing and deployment positions on their own. Of course, the move-e-star has the ability to receive and process corresponding commands.

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    Flow production

    Heavy loads in particular are often difficult or impossible to transport along the individual processing stations. Rail systems make the routes inflexible and block future design options. This is where the move-e-star feels at home: the combination of different capabilities makes it possible to design flow production with the help of one or more move-e-stars without having to permanently install complex systems and without minimizing future design possibilities and options.

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