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    Flexible industrial technology for refinery processes

    The operating conditions associated with the handling and processing of oils, gases and fluids always place the highest demands on the measurement and control technology as well as the control systems. Extreme temperatures, highly viscous and abrasive substances as well as the most diverse process environments are just some of the demands placed on the control and operating technology of such extensive overall systems. HIT offers advanced solutions in the field of process technology for the oil & gas industry and can come up with innovative operating systems for overall control. For over 25 years, we have been leading the way nationally and internationally in process instrumentation in many areas of liquid and gas processing. As a manufacturer of the overall control and instrumentation technology for such systems, we are constantly setting new standards. Our work focuses on the automation and optimization of entire tank farms, fail-safe application and operation, as well as the control and measurement of fill levels, flow rates and blending. In this way, we guarantee system processes that are as non-intrusive as possible, high system availability and long-term profitability.

    For each medium that

    The right process instrument

    When it comes to the processing, storage, transportation and distribution of simple liquids through to highly viscous and abrasive media, we provide you with pioneering process technology for:

    • Oil tank farms
    • Gas distribution networks
    • Gas pressure control systems
    • Compressor station
    • Burners for the production of glass wool
    • Burners for glass tanks
    • Industrial burners
    • Water treatment

    Runs like clockwork

    Oil tank farm

    The many different processes in an oil tank farm form a very complex system due to the material and energy flows. Everything is in motion, from the incoming crude oil, to the jetties, to the distribution and the outgoing products of the converted recipes. Non-invasive flow, constant measurements and continuous quality control are essential for the safe and efficient operation of the systems. The often challenging process conditions place high demands on the control and measuring instruments, which we meet with innovative and efficient technology. With process technology from HIT, you can control the entire system and visualize every process. Error messages can be traced back to the individual valve and rectified quickly. This ensures reduced downtimes and a functioning system.

    Always in the right ratio

    Control of gas-air mixtures for burners

    The heat output and flame pattern of the burners are metered and precisely controlled with the help of cascaded control circuits. Various parameters such as air, gas, glass and curtain air volume, residual oxygen content of the exhaust air, disc speed and others are used as control variables.

    Efficiency in flux

    Drinking water treatment

    The process of drinking water treatment usually begins with extraction from wells and large water reservoirs. Pipes with large nominal diameters take the required quantities of water and feed them into the municipal network. The control and measurement technology from HIT works extremely precisely - even when minerals are deposited on the inner walls of the pipes. Fill levels can be determined efficiently, flow rates regulated and processes monitored. We guarantee this by implementing a state-of-the-art process control system and a clear visualization of the entire control process. Safe and continuous operation is therefore possible without any problems.

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