Cutting-edge transport technology enhances production efficiency - “move-e-star” used by turboMech in Uplengen, Germany

The in-house logistics of turboMech GmbH & Co. KG is handled with the low-floor transport vehicle developed by HIT Hafen- und Industrietechnik GmbH. The so-called “move-e-star” carries the heavy work pieces between each processing machine and the production halls. At the same time, the “move-e-star” is fully versatile on all surfaces just as an air-cushion vehicle.

The company turboMech processes forged and milled steel parts and supplies numerous companies from a variety of sectors as well as the machinery and plant building. turboMech was founded in 2005 and is affiliated to Stahlwerk Augustfehn – a German steel plant with a long tradition. At their location in the northern part of Germany, turboMech is processing heavy components with a weight of up to 10 tons and a length of up to 8 meters. The scope of production includes the machining of forged and wearing parts, tool shapes, slewing and toothed rings, piston, pull and coupling rods but also machine parts and contract manufacture. Several machine tools transform the raw materials into finished parts. The internal logistics is challenging.

The used “move-e-star” model is able to carry a payload of up to 8 tons. Multiple work pieces can be placed on a transport frame, which is picked up by the “move-e-star” and carried to the next processing station. By doing so, the “move-e-star“ acts as a single transport system. The integrated lifting system enables the vehicle to independently pick up and set down the transport table and the work load. This means that complete order parts can be transported simultaneously in a single run.


tM 1 small

The “move-e-star” drives by remote control under the transport table


tM 2 small

The „move-e-star“ picks up both the transport table and the work load and transports them to the next processing station or to the warehouse


The vehicle moves safely and precisely in tight spaces and narrow aisles. The driving and steering are unaffected by uneven surfaces or dirty roadways due to large wheels. The energy is supplied by a battery, while the system is controlled by radio remote control.

The tasks were previously carried out by forklifts and trailers, which partly had to drive across the courtyard of turboMech from one hall to another. In contrast, the “move-e-star” offers a series of advantages. By not depending on weather conditions, the flexibility of the available production facilities and techniques is further improved. The logistics can be performed batchwise and without detours, so that the entire traffic caused by the transportation decreases. Another positive consequence is the optimized personnel placement and optimized production. Optionally the “move-e-star” can be used in automatic mode. This feature would lead to a multi-shift operation without manpower.