Facility Visualisation on a Large Screen Display


Project description

For a leading European gas company we undertook the substitution of a manually maintained display for a measurement and control system for a gas transport network by a PC-based visualization. On this visualization not only valve statuses, but also the gas pressure, temperature and quality are displayed in a clearly arranged manner.

Excerpt: display
Visualisation on a large screen



  - Clear representation of the system
  - Four 46“ screens (Overall presentation on 3840 x 2160 pixels)
  - OPC-connection to the process control system
  - The status of manual control devices can be easily changed via mouse click
  - Recording of the current states in digital form
  - Simple adjustment to changes in the system


Why HIT?

HIT successfully completed this project. A clear representation of the system was designed for the employees, and a user-friendly way of manually changing the status was implemented. In practice this technology was adopted quickly and learned to appreciate. Continual amendments of the functionality have shown the flexibility of the new system visualisation.