General Information

Nowadays it is vital to be informed at any time about the status of machines and facilities. Only so it is feasible to react to malfunctions as soon as possible and to guarantee a high availability. The increased productivity of the machine or the facility, respectively, strengthens the competitive position of the company.

HIT took this opportunity to offer a customized visualization app for iOS (Apple) as well as Android smartphones or tablets. 


We are offering a tailor-made visualization app for your individual controls. Whether it is a lifting device, factory automation, machine tools, recycling facilities, materials handling or large amounts of liquids, such as water, oil and gas technology: we will develop your own personalized visualization app.


In addition to an existing visualization, the app serves as a mobile operational control. It can be integrated into existing machines and facilities which have not yet been visualized. All data which are recorded by the controls can be viewed in real time and adjusted by the user. The advantage is that service technicians can monitor the facility at any time and from anywhere. Thus a high availability is guaranteed; malfunctions can be recognized at once and rectified immediately. Additionally, the visualization app allows access to archived data relating to the machine or the facility. Hence quantities, throughputs or similar data can be viewed and evaluated accordingly. This enables the operations manager to recognize whether targets can be achieved and, if necessary, modifications can be initiated.


For the type of connection, GPRS, 3G or WLAN are available. The connection is provided via the TCP/IP. The encryption method AES 256bit is used for worldwide and secure communication between the mobile visualization app and the facility. On request we also offer to restrict communication to your intranet.



Technical data:

iOS as well as Android smartphones or tablets
iOS version: from 6.1
Android version: from 2.3
Connection: GPRS, 3G or WLAN
Type of encryption: AES 256bit
Communication protocol: TCP/IP
Number of connection facilities: up to 10 facilities at the same time
Number of displayable images: 1 to 100 images
Number of maximum read values: 10.000 units
Number of maximum write values: 10.000 units
App size: 5 to 50MB
PLCs supported SPS: S7-300 and S7-400 by Siemens

Are you interested in a customized app for your facility? HIT with its highly-qualified personnel is at your disposal.