Modernization of a Pumping Station


The pumping station

The pumping station is responsible for the flood protection in Lower Saxony. It ensures a balanced water level in the rivers.

Pumping station

Project description

The pumps of the pumping station ensure a balanced water level of the sluice. The old control technology and monitoring were replaced by modern control- and monitoring components. The modernisation allows a user-friendly control via Touch panel and a fast and effective regulation of the water level. Additionally, the control algorithm also takes into account the current electricity prices. This means that the pumps are only running in the higher price band in an emergency situation Thus, the state of Lower Saxony is able to make considerable savings.

Overview switch cabinet


System description

The pumping station uses two pumps, one 23kW and one 55kW. The pumps can operate manually or automatically.
Manually, the keeper of the pumping station can select the pumps individually and carry out a cleaning function of the pumps, should this become necessary. In cleaning mode, the pumps run briefly backwards to get rid of possible contaminations.

55kW pump

Operating automatically, the level and the electricity prices are monitored. Depending on the situation, a decision is made as to which pump will be switched on. The switch-on and switch-off levels of the pumps are set separately. Furthermore, a winter and summer water level can be fixed, so that the pumping station can run throughout the year without having to change the level settings.

Overview water level


Why HIT?

HIT successfully completed this project. A clear user interface was designed for the operators and a good system and software structure was created for the service team. From the very beginning, the system proved its reliability. These features increase the failsafe performance and the productivity of the system.