Refurbishment and Expansion of the Measurement and Automation Technology of a Flood Barrage


The flood barrage is a flood protection dam in Lower Saxony. It ensures a balanced water level of the river. During the summer season it additionally serves to sustain the ground water. This is possible by maintaining a predetermined headwater level. During winter the flood barrage also ensures that the water from the lower reaches doesn’t get into the upper reaches. Therefore heavy floodings can be avoided.

The facility was equipped with an old control technology and provisory monitoring sensors. Thus the flood barrage needed to be monitored and operated on site every day.

HIT re-equipped the flood barrage with the newest control and monitoring technology. This includes a fully automated adjustment of the water levels based on given values. The latter can be set by choice either on site though a touch panel or comfortably in a central control room. Moreover, a safety and redundancy concept for mobile devices was integrated to transmit malfunction messages as well as water levels and operational data. These automatically send unusual operating conditions and malfunction messages as push notifications to the devices. Thus the emergency service is informed at any time about the status of the facility.


Flood barrage


Visualization Mobile device (app)

Why HIT?

HIT successfully completed this project. A clear user interface was designed for the operators and a good system and software structure was created for the service team. From the very beginning, the system proved its reliability. These characteristics increase the stability and the productivity of the system.