Modernization of a Crane


The modification concept

In the course of the modernisation of the crane, the old control panels, the control stand, the hoisting gears, the hoisting motor, the hoisting brake as well as the overload device were replaced by new components.

The crane

The new hoisting motor has been equipped with an incremental encoder. The signal from the encoders is conducted onto a frequency converter which results in a control loop. The incremental encoder also has an integrated centrifugal switch with two switch points. One switch point each is meant for the overload of the 30t and 300t operation respectively. The triggering of these switches leads to the immediate shutdown of the crane depending on the preselected load.


The load measuring has also been renewed. The load signal is evaluated by the load measuring and provides two potential-free contacts for the 30t and 300t overload. The digital displays for basic and large loads are also controlled by the load measuring.


Why HIT?

HIT have successfully completed this project. A clear user interface was designed for the operators. From the very beginning, this container gantry has proved its reliability. These features have increased the failsafe performance and the productivity of the system.