Chinese industrial delegation explores port automation

The visit of an industrial delegation from China marked the end of the summer for the company HIT Hafen- und Industrietechnik GmbH based in the North German town of Wardenburg.

China is the leading importer and exporter and is currently investing to a large extent in the expansion of its port infrastructure and suprastructure. HIT welcomed six high-ranking members of the DHHI Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry International Co., Ltd. The company has its headquarters in the large port city of Dalian in Northeast China and is a leading company in the heavy equipment industry. It is among others a market leader for the development and the manufacturing of port machinery as well as bulk handling machinery.

CID Wardenburg

Visiting HIT in Wardenburg

This visit results from the longtime business relationship of the two companies and is primarily focused on container gantry cranes, ship loaders and unloaders as well as stacker and reclaimer for the handling of bulk materials. From the 28th August to the 7th September 2014 the Chinese engineers gathered information about the state of the art of the automation of these large-scale machineries.

The kick-off meeting was the reception in the Old Town Hall of Oldenburg. The Mayor of the city Prof. Dr. Gerd Schwandner cordially welcomed and greeted the members of the Chinese delegation and the company representatives of HIT. Since Dalian is a partner city of Oldenburg, this meeting deepened the further cooperation on both sides.


Reception in the Old Town Hall of Oldenburg

The local community of Wardenburg also welcomed the delegation through the representative of the Mayor Mr. Frank Speckmann.

The delegation gained many impressions of European efficiency during their trip to Rotterdam, the Ruhr Region, Hamburg and Bremen. On this occasion the guests from China visited some of the most important container and bulk handling terminals in Northern Europe, which at the same time stand out for their high level of automation. The engineers from China also had the opportunity to discuss with several suppliers of various components at top level meetings.

The collected insights and experiences have made a very positive and lasting impression on the members of the delegation. The mutual enrichment through cultural exchange and know-how lays the grounds for optimism regarding future joint projects.