Application: Pumping Station

The visualization app monitors several pumping stations and serves the operator of the stations as a reliable monitoring tool for their mobile devices. The app receives full information about the pumping stations und makes them available in an overview. Due to the additional information an inspection tour of the pumping stations can be planned much more precisely. It is also possible to have the fastest possible reaction in case of malfunctions. This increases the security and reliability of the pumping stations.

Navigation menu

The navigation menu of the visualization app is presented next. All data, diagrams and malfunction messages of the pumping stations are clearly represented.


Measurement curves (water level and currents)

The diagrams for the water levels of the river and the pump current are to be found in the section “Measurement curves” (Messwertkurven). The curves display the course of the last 24 hours. It’s easy to observe that the water level of the river rises and sinks according to the tides. Furthermore, it is to be observed that the pumps only pump when the water level is below 5,5 meters and if the night-time rate for power supply is activated at the same time. The operator of the stations can monitor the exact pump functioning with the help of this diagram without entering the pumping station.



With the support of the messages the operator of the pumping stations is informed at any time about the status of the stations. A fast diagnosis of the errors is also possible. The competent personnel is directed with the appropriate tools to the cause of failure or for troubleshooting.




The interconnection of the pumping stations is built as follows. The UMTS router builds up an encrypted connection (virtual private network or VPN) to the server. In this way the server can retrieve data from the SPS.

When necessary, the mobile device can access the server data over an encrypted connection.

By doing so more mobile devices can simultaneously display the same data without overloading too much the wireless connections through the UMTS router.