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    Design, production and commissioning

    From simple controls to complex systems

    HIT Hafen- und Industrietechnik GmbH is your competent partner for innovative partial and complete solutions in the field of automation technology. We support industrial customers with specific requirements and realize projects both in Germany and on the international market. The aim of automation technology is the autonomous operation of industrial and complete systems with convenient SCADA and control systems. Automatic processes range from simple control systems to complex process sequences. The control of physical variables such as force, speed, torque, flow rates, temperature or pressure are our daily business, so that the correct quantities and doses of oils, gases or fluids are applied. We equip machines with control technology, lift cranes or operate robots. We attach great importance to safety. When designing the systems, a safety assessment is carried out, on the basis of which a performance level (PL) is determined. In accordance with this PL, the plants are equipped with certified, fail-safe systems to protect property, the environment and people. Finally, the safety technology is validated. Our engineers have a wide range of specialist skills to implement a wide variety of drive technologies, control systems and operating systems. It makes no difference whether it is a matter of controlling cranes, pumps, conveyor belts or CNC drives, or whether a complete tank farm is to be automated.

    More services and flexibility

    Automation Technology

    We offer interdisciplinary developments in the fields of automation and process engineering. This includes the following comprehensive planning and development services for machine and process plants:

    • Modern engineering
    • Innovative automation
    • Comprehensive project planning
    • Complete switch cabinet production
    • Safe control systems
    • Process control systems
    • User-friendly operation
    • Control & regulation technology

    With heart, hand and know how

    Industry 4.0

    The use of cross-factory automation systems in accordance with "Industry 4.0" is steadily increasing. This enables significantly greater flexibility in work processes, completely new possibilities for process optimization and comprehensive networking of all machines and systems. This is constantly creating new challenges in terms of the complexity of the systems, both in the project planning phase and when commissioning these systems. We are happy to take on this challenge, because we automate with heart, hand and brain.

    User-friendliness with vision

    Operation and visualization (HMI)

    The use of visualizations and controls at relevant locations within the plant is essential so that you can work safely and your system remains optimally usable. This ensures that the system operator has all the important information on the system status and can intervene in the process immediately, if necessary. With user-friendly operation and a clear process display, HIT ensures safe working and fast action in the event of errors. For modern handling and intuitive usability, we use touch panels and provide structured messages and alarms on clear monitors that are quickly understood visually and make work both more pleasant and more relaxed.

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